E waste disposal in Australia

Did you know that e-waste – such as old mobile phones, TVs and laptops – is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals found in landfill? And these chemicals can leak into our land and water supply, causing environmental and health problems?

Just Skips, a skip bin company based in Adelaide, South Australia, frequently finds electronics disposed of in its general and mixed waste skip bins. However, these items are now banned from going to landfill in the state. In fact, South Australia was the first Australian state to ban e-waste from going to landfill.

As waste specialists, Just Skips takes responsible e-waste disposal seriously and aims to educate people as to the harmful effects of e-waste in landfill as well as the proper disposal methods for electronics. This e waste infographic tells that story.


Infographic Source: https://www.justskips.net.au/waste-types/e-waste/

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