Eight Types Of Scaffolding Systems With Their Uses

“Scaffolding gives a smooth access to the workers to work safely at heights. It’s a simple provisional structure that provides a strong support to the main structure. With the help of scaffolding, a worker can work at height without any difficulties. There are plenty of accidents happen because the site workers do not give proper attention to safety. Always use standard quality scaffold accessories for safe and high quality scaffold structure.

The infographic contains the information about different types of scaffolding and how contractors make use of scaffolds. Here are some of the most popular scaffold types:

*) Trestle Scaffolding
*) Steel Scaffolding
*) Patented Scaffolding
*) Suspended Scaffolding
*) Cantilever Scaffolding
*) Single Scaffolding
*) Double Scaffolding
*) Kwikstage Scaffolding


Infographic Source: https://www.turboscaffolding.com.au/blog/scaffolding-types-with-their-uses/

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