Engagement photography is indeed experimental photography both for the couples as well as for the photographers. With engagements celebrated as an event to inform the acquaintances about the upcoming wedding, the photography also contributes to the intimacy with a considerable time spent on posing for photos. We are the best pre-wedding photographers in Chennai that find engagement days as quite helpful to know about the couple’s styles and interests. As the couples slowly get to know each other, engagement photos may be a collection of awkwardness and imperfections that makes the photos even more adorable. Engagement photography is also about having loads of individual pictures and pictures with pets or kids.

Our wedding photographers in Chennai ensure that a session with the couple is fixed before the engagement day to discuss their plans, secret wishes, variety of poses they would be experimenting as well as the choice of the attires they are going to use. This gives them an insight into the various strategies that needed to be adopted.

Experiment With Your Engagement Photography