Family Mediation Explained

When two people go through a divorce, many individuals are affected, including children, grandparents and other care-givers, as well as family friends. Mediation is a technique which serves to reduce stress for everyone involved.

Our infographic takes you through everything you need to know about family mediation, and helps you to prepare for your first session. As an alternative to court litigation, family mediation aims to reduce costs, time and stress, helping you to come to a mutual decision and move on to a more positive future for everyone. In mediation, you have the control, and can choose which topics you need to discuss.

Finance, custody, property, everything is considered in a mutually beneficial safe space. If you struggle to be in the same room as your ex-partner, your mediator will use shuttle mediation to ensure your points can be raised without having to see the other person. If you are unable to attend a mediation in person remote mediation is an option which could help move things along for you. Remote mediation is conducted over a video call using either Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Many find remote mediation to be a faster and easier method.


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