The Florida Housing Boom

Florida is on a housing boom. Today it’s the second most popular housing market in the nation. Yet contrary to popular belief, those looking to move to Florida aren’t old, aren’t retired, and aren’t particularly rich. They’re entrepreneurs, people looking for flexible work, and those looking for a populated but affordable state.

In terms of small businesses, Florida holds the highest percentage in the U.S. This alongside high employment rates means there are lots of valuable jobs available. Remote work is also fairly popular in the state, with 16% of the state working remotely in 2022. Finally the cost of living in Florida is just about average, with great returns on investment for housing.

Keeping this all in mind, it’s no surprise that younger and motivated people are entering Florida. Cities all across the state are rising steadily in population and influence. Other common positives like the weather and beaches are also worth noting. It’s a state that balances the affordability and reasonability of the midwest, and the excitement of places like New York.


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