Which is Right for Me?: A Comparative Guide on macOS Versions

Every year, tech brands are doing their best to address consumer problems and improve their experience. Most tech companies solve these problems by either creating a new gadget or updating their current one with better software highlighting new features. An OS or operating system is the software loaded into a device and manages all of the other applications or programs in that device. More often than not, these programs are updated when a tech company upgrades its products.

Apple is a tech company with a stellar reputation for its products. They have an ecosystem designed to function seamlessly and are user-friendly. Their devices, paired with a powerful operating system (OS), maximize their products’ capabilities. With different OS versions available, how will you know which macOS will work for your Apple laptop?

The infographic below will provide all the details you need to choose which ones are compatible with your MacBook.

Comparative Guide on macOS Versions

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