A Guide to Workplace Bullying: 5 Types That You Must be Aware of

Being bullied in the office can be debilitating. The effects can even reflect on your work attitude and performance. Some of the detrimental effects of workplace bullying include uneasiness, paranoia, and lack of motivation. Eventually, workplace bullying can negatively impact flourishing careers and result in resignations. Unfortunately, bullying in working environments is a common occurrence.

A 2021 study by the Workplace Bullying Institute finds that 30% of workers have experienced being targeted by their peers, with 67% losing their jobs. However, there are things you can do to address this. If you feel bullied in the workplace, you must realize that you cannot deal with the problem alone. The best action is to report these behaviors through the proper channels.

For instance, you can schedule a meeting with your supervisor or the human resources department to give you a space to air your grievances. Moreover, if you suspect that you or a workmate is experiencing workplace bullying, it’s essential to identify the behaviors the perpetrators are showing. Doing so can help build a better case against them.

The following infographic can help you recognize five of the most common workplace bullying behaviors. Read below to learn more.

Guide to Workplace Bullying

Infographic Source: https://shegerianlaw.com/types-of-workplace-bullying/

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