The History of Mascara: A Visual Timeline

As most people say, your eyes are the doors to your soul. It’s one of the things people notice first when you communicate with them face-to-face. Because of this, it’s important to keep those precious eyes protected from harmful debris. Enter your eyelashes—they’re like whiskers that can catch airborne dirt, preventing them from entering your eyes and causing any damage. With that, taking care of your eyelashes is a must.

Apart from the protection they provide to your eyes, they can also serve as an aesthetic design. Because of this, many makeup artists, gurus, and enthusiasts recommend using mascara in one’s makeup routines. Some casual makeup users rely mainly on mascara, sometimes pairing it with an on-fleek eyeliner to create a look that doesn’t require putting on several makeup products.

Many benefits come with using mascara for your eyes. But, have you ever wondered how it was for the ancient generations? If you’re curious, read the infographic below to learn more about the history of mascara.

The History of Mascara

History of Mascara A Visual Timeline

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