How To Eat Like A Local In Rome

Who that calls him or herself a foodie hasn’t dreamed of eating some delicious pasta, drinking some quality wine and tasting an original gelato in the marvelous city of Rome? That’s why Travel for Food Hub has designed this infographic: to help food lovers around the world eat like a local in Rome and discover all the hidden culinary gems! With the help of some Roman food experts, they have compiled all the relevant information to help you navigate through the Eternal City.

Learning about the most typical Roman dishes like pizza bianca, suppli alla romana or tiramisu, and about the best restaurants, trattorias, and osterias in town will help you enjoy a delectable meal. Moreover, with the eating protocol advice, you will look like an expert traveler and will know when to have your espresso and won’t embarrass yourself by cutting your pasta or adding cheese to your seafood dish. And finally, the recommendations of some unmissable foodie activities will help anyone have an authentic food adventure through Rome. Buon appetito!


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