How To Pattern Deer In Early Season

Do you want to learn how to pattern deer in early season? Would you like to put more deer meat into your
refrigerator? Deer are creatures of habit and you can easily learn their patterns and follow them to have a productive hunting season.

Many hunters make the mistake of not investing enough into pre-season scouting. Some will do a little while others will neglect it completely and arrive at the hunting site on the first day of hunting. While they may be successful during the hunting season, they could be more successful if they do a good job of pre-season scouting.

Deers have certain habits that they do time and time again. They usually use certain routes to travel from their bedding areas to food and water sources. Deer have certain times to eat, socialize and sleep. By studying their patterns, you can easily plan ahead of time and be ready for them when the season begins.

To help you learn the patterns of deer, you can set up trail cameras in different directions to collect information on their travel routes, bedding areas, where they go to eat, what they eat, which ones are the dominant bucks, etc.

You can also go early in the morning or late in the evening to glass the fields from a good distance to observe the behaviors of deer. This will be good information that you can use when the hunting season begins. Always take notes, either on your hunting app or in a notebook when you glass the fields and collect information.

Hunting deer is fun and rewarding. With some pre-season scouting, you can gather a lot of information about the behaviors and patterns of deer that can be used to pattern them and make the deer hunting season a very productive one.

In this infographic, we share information that you can implement to pattern deer in the early season to have a rewarding deer hunting season.


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