How To Use Helium 10

Helium 10 tools are engineered to reduce time inefficiencies, locate products with suitable profit margins, discover profitable keywords, remove spare keywords, monitor your account for inconsistencies, like owed reimbursements for lost inventory, optimize listings, and more.

I believe the ’10’ referred to the number of tools included in the suite. However, now there is 13+ tools so should we really call it Helium 13+…?

Now, Helium 10 monitors competitors and analyzes product trends to create opportunities for Amazon sellers to expand their private label business. This is great but it looks so complicated?

The Helium 10 software suite can appear daunting for new Amazon sellers using it for the first time – even some using it for the 100th time! As such, I’ve created a quick reference guide to remembering what the important ones do.

There are a whole host of tools available, but mostly you’ll find me using the following five:

  • Blackbox for product research
  • Trendster for identifying sales trends
  • Magnet 2.0 for keyword research
  • Cerebro for performing reverse ASIN searches

With these at your disposal, your ability to research, analyze and most importantly, produce a successful, income-producing product will increase dramatically. Once you get to grips with the software, you won’t look back.

How To Use Helium 10

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