How Will the Apple iOS 14 Update Affect Facebook Ads?

You may have started to receive notifications in your Facebook Ads Manager to “prepare your ad account for the impact of iOS 14 changes”. What changes are going to take place with this update and how will they affect your Facebook Ads? The main impact of the iOS 14 update will be that we are likely to see a decrease in tracking on mobile devices. Once the update is rolled out, users will be shown a prompt and they will have to either opt-in or out of being tracked moving forwards.

If a user opts-out, Facebook and Instagram will no longer be able to track the user’s activity and behaviour across their platforms and applications. When we consider that 79.9% of Facebook users access their account on a mobile device, it is safe to say that this update will affect your Facebook Ads. One of the main consequences of the update is that you may see a decrease in both performance and audience sizes for dynamic remarketing ads.

Apple iOS 14 Update Facebook Ads

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