Interesting Digital Marketing Stats

The majority of small businesses have a very weak online presence despite the fact that most people go to the internet to find things they need. Buyers will often visit various websites and read through reviews simply because they want to make the best possible decision with information that’s available to them.

The more positive reviews a business has, the more legit it appears. Studies show that reviews are up to 12 times more trusted than sales copies and product descriptions written by businesses. The first step to building credibility on the internet is through your ratings and reviews. Social media is another key area that’s often neglected because of how labor intensive and time consuming it is.

Around 55% of consumers use social media to research businesses. If you don’t have the time to run your own pages, you can easily outsource the work to freelancers who specialize in it. The benefits of being active on social media far outweigh the costs.

This infographic illustrates some interesting digital marketing stats every entrepreneur and marketer needs to know.

Interesting Digital Marketing Stats

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