A Quick Glimpse Into Inverter Battery Usage Do’s And Don’ts

Imagine living without electronic devices and appliances ! How difficult it would be to go on with your daily tasks at home and office without an adequate alternative that ensures constant power supply even in case of power cuts and such ? An inverter battery with longer life and adequate power supply is all that you need !

Consider that your home includes one tube light, one fan, one Television and one CFL. Each consume a power of 50, 90, 120 and 50 Watts respectively. The total power then sums up to 285 Watts. This is considered as the total power requirement for your inverter battery which should be selected with care. You should always go for the size of the battery in accordance with the Volt Ampere rating of the inverter you require !

A good inverter provides the following benefits – it will support frequent deep discharging for your needs, will be reliable and function smoothly over months, will only take up very less maintenance charge from your pockets and will emit a minimum of fumes or gases ! All these requirements need to be met for the smooth functioning of all your appliances even at the times of power cuts and load shedding !


Infographic provided by : https://www.nantech.in/

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