Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne

Doughnuts are types of leavened, fried dough that bakers commonly serve warm or cold. These tasty desserts are made from homemade recipes or are sold in specialty stores, bakeries, and supermarkets. The variety of doughnuts available is quite staggering and can make anyone’s mouth water. They’re a delightful way to start your day.

The word “doughnut” is derived from the French word “donut,” which means “ring of dough.” It’s a simplified version of “donut,” and it’s been in use since the late 19th century. The spelling does not matter much, though. The term “donut” was initially used in the U.S. to describe a yeast-raised cake.

The primary function of the sugar in these sweet treats is to impart sweetness, which becomes the justification why several individuals like it so much.

To keep doughnuts fresh, they need to be coated with a hydrocolloid coating. This type of coating inhibits the absorption of oil in fried products. It also helps to prolong the shelf-life of baked goods. And while many foods have additives to enhance their taste, donuts are no exception.

The earliest known reference of donuts comes from Washington Irving’s 1808 short story, History of New York . He described fried doughnuts made of sweetened dough fried in hog’s fat. It is considered the first written reference of the term. Despite its popularity in the 19th century, the period did not gain widespread popularity until the Great Depression where the Salvation Army distributed these lovely sweets to American soldiers.

Now, multiple bakeries Melbourne is serving steaming and yummy Italian donuts Melbourne and locals and tourists can’t get over it.

Read the infographic below to learn more about the various Italian donuts you can try created and designed by Cirelli & Co:

Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne

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