Koi Fish Transforming Into A Dragon

One upon a time there live a happy family of koi fish. The father is a black koi, the mother is red koi and they have one child who is a blue koi. The father koi used to tell the story to the little blue koi fish about the legendary dragon’s gate above the waterfall where Gods lived.

The water there is beautiful shimmering blue. Upon hearing this story the little blue koi fish interested in visiting there, so one day he went there, but his journey was not an easy one. He had faced many trials like a strong current of the waterfall but he never quits and keep on going even how tired he is.

The Gods also tested his courage and determination and send additional obstacles. But he never quits and keeps on swimming upward until he reaches the summit and the Gods reward him and turned him into a beautiful dragon.


Infographic Source: http://giobelkoicenter.com/2016/11/26/koi-fish-transforming-into-a-dragon/

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