Level of Adult’s Interest in Getting Taller by State

Many people in the US want to get taller after puberty. But the level of interest for that differs between the various states.

Adults in the District of Columbia (The location of US capital) have by far the top desire for height growth. Other states with a great want in increased height are Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island and Nevada. People in Ohio have the absolute lowest interest in height gain.

The majority of states with the highest interest in getting taller are located in either the Northeast or West region, while those with the lowest desire are mostly in the Midwest. Additionally, most of the states with highest desire for height have a relatively high median household income while those with the lowest desire have a low income.

Based on the average interest level, 43% of states have a small interest in height growth, 33% have a moderate interest and 24% have a high desire.


Infographic Source: https://sizegraf.com/blog/level-of-adults-interest-in-getting-taller-by-state/

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