Living on-Campus vs Living off-Campus

Moving for college is a first step to the adult independent life. It can be both exciting, but also a bit frightening part. There are so many things you should do and choices to make. One of the choices is selecting the type of housing: on-campus and off-campus. Before you decide, where you will live for the next few years, you should check the college requirements.

Some college obligate its freshmen to spend the first year on campus, however not all of them. While there is no exact answer which option would fit your needs, we prepared a comprehensive analysis of pros and cons of each type of accommodation.

In the infographic below, you can find a detailed description of both on and off campus housing. Living and transportation expenses, networking and roommates, space and furniture, food and cooking, rules and safety — these factors will affect your decision. Now, check the infographic, analyze each option and decide, which solution will work best for you!

Living on-Campus vs Living off-Campus

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