Which London Underground Station has the Most CCTV Cameras

The number of people living and working in London is over 8 million people. When they are travelling to work they can use many forms of transport such as the bus, a bike, a car and the London Underground or also know as The Tube. The Tube has many trains helping people commute around London. Everyday the tube handles over 4.8 million passenger journeys per day. With all these passengers there needs to be security.

This makes people safe when going underground and travelling via the Tube. There are 270 Tube stations and they all need security. All of these stations have CCTV cameras. This are monitored to make sure people are safe when commuting on the Tube.

At AAI Security Systems they have created an infographic showing which London Underground Station has the most CCTV cameras. They have shown the top ten underground stations. Have a look and see how many CCTV cameras your station has.london-underground-cctv

Infographic source: http://www.aaisecurity.co.uk/news/cctv-london-underground/

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