4 Luxurious bathrooms That Can Make You Say WOW

Bathroom design is not as simple as you may think. You may not spend entire day in the bathroom but this is where you rejuvenate the tired body every day. So, make sure you plan the design well and choose each material carefully. Stone or marble flooring in bathroom goes well in large and palatial establishments. Those who love modern interior décor should use plenty of glass in the bathroom. Glass wall and ceiling exudes an aura of sleekness but glass floor is a little too bold for some people. You may install big windows in bathroom if letting in natural light and air is your priority. Of course, plenty of lights can be installed in bathroom to suit your needs and sense of aesthetics. Read the infographic below to get more ideas.

Amazing bathrooms

Infographic Source: https://www.oldfashionedbathrooms.co.uk/worlds-luxurious-bathroom/

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