The Most Majestic Antelope in Africa

Discover the most majestic antelope species in Africa with this stunning infographic. It summarizes important facts in a way that is simple to understand, using magnificent photographs and distinctive animal attributes.

Many visitors on safaris hope to spot antelope. But after hopping on a game drive, they realize that it’s actually kudu, eland, gemsbok, waterbuck, nyala, impala, springbok, and an incredible number of other species.

Each type has a specific role in their selected environment.

Thanks to their giraffe-like necks, gerenuk can access higher branches that other animals cannot.

Klipspringers are rock climbers with amazing agility, which is especially useful to avoid being eaten.

The majority of Africa’s most graceful antelope species prefer safety in numbers, yet their chosen grazing grounds and eating habits differ.

So if you don’t recognize a kudu from a gerenuk, then this infographic is for you. It illustrates some of the magnificent antelope that may be seen in Africa.

Are you ready to learn them all?

Most elegant African antelope

African antelope
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