Monetize Instagram: Strategies to Help You Earn a Fortune on Instagram

Instagram currently has over one billion users, and social savvy individuals are leveraging the platform to make money on it.

In fact, making money on Instagram is no longer an unachievable task. Many celebrities, influencers, and bloggers are making a living through their Instagram accounts.

And you know what?

You can earn from your account too if you have a large following that engages with the content you post.

Want to find out how?

The following are some of the tactics you can use:

1. Become an Influencer

As an influencer, you build a credible online reputation and can sway the audience’s views on specific products and trends in your niche.


The audience values your opinion and considers you a trusted expert on a specific topic.

But how do you earn money as an influencer?

Start by looking for brands within your niche and contact them directly. Another option is to check out influencer platforms and list your profile on them. Brands can then reach out to you and pay you to promote their products or services through shootouts, mentions, or sponsored posts.

You can also become a brand ambassador.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate, you earn commissions for every sale made through a unique code or affiliate link a brand gives you.

How does this work?

Contact brands that offer affiliate links or use an affiliate network to find brands that fit within your niche. The brand gives you a unique link or code, with which they track users who clicked or used the code to purchase on their site.

But there’s a catch:

If you decide to use links, then you can only sell one product at a time since you can’t post links outside Stories or your bio. Promo codes, however, are a good strategy since you can incorporate them into your regular Instagram posts.

3. Join an Influencer Agency Network

Influencer marketing agencies help brands plan, ideate, strategize, and execute influencer campaigns. In the same breath, many of these influencer agencies have a list of trusted influencers they partner with for campaigns with brands.

If you successfully register with one of them, they can reach out to you whenever they have a brand looking for requirements your profile fulfills.

These agencies expose you to some of the biggest brands in the industry. They also ensure you get paid and maintain creative freedom with your content.

4. Sell Your Products and Services

Instagram is a great platform to promote your products or services.

Using engaging photos and various promotional activities, you can sell merchandise, paintings, artwork, and so many others.

You can also sell digital products like ebooks, fitness programs, online courses, etc.

Are you looking for more ways to make a fortune with your Instagram account?

Check out the infographic below first published on my blog

Monetize Instagram

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