Nike Air Max’s 30th Birthday

To celebrate the Nike Air Max turning 30 on March 26th, we thought we’d recreate some of the most famous shoe moments in film history and replicating them with Air Max! Which iconic films can you guess are in the list?! 

From arguably *the* most famous movie scene featuring shoes in Cinderella with her glass slippers, Dorothy’s shoes turning into the ruby slippers, Big’s unforgettable proposal the Sex and the City with a blue Manolo shoe and Sandy’s hot red mules in Grease we’ve got it covered! 

However, our favourite has to be Cinderella’s glass slippers being replaced with the Air Max 97 Silver Bullet – one of the biggest game changers for Air Max in it’s 30 year history, this particular model is having a recent revival amongst fashion folk at the moment are a must-have for any true Air Max fan. Which is your favourite in our selected list of famous film shoe moments? 


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