PPC Marketing Statistics

The following infographic shows the statistics of PPC for the year 2019-2020. As per the industry data from Social Media Today, about $10.1 billion was spent by approx. 7 million advertisers. If we look at the users who use Search Engines or doing product search.

It was found that the clicks on search engine which converted to sales, 66% of those were from paid clicks.The PPC advertisers who chose Google, Amazon, Bing etc. got a whopping 200% ROI on their PPC spent. This was obviously done by creating the perfect funnel which lured the customer to the funnel threshold.

The right landing page, the right set of content, problem solving data and checking the audience at every node
of the buyer journey is the key too achieving high ROI.

This infographic was created to educate people who wants to adopt PPC in their marketing strategy but are afraid to do so because of the ROI.

PPC Marketing Statistics

Infographic Source: https://www.accetrix.com/blog/ppc-marketing-guide

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