Product Packaging Guide: Everything Your Business Should Know

For many businesses, selling products would be impossible without considering their packaging. Product packaging is both the product’s container and its overall decorative design. Packaging protects it from external elements that can compromise or damage it during shipping and handling. Packaging design works to grab attention and provide information about the product itself.

In the current landscape of the market, every industry faces stiff competition. Product packaging has emerged as a way for brands to not only compel consumers to buy their products but also introduce their brand as a whole. As 72% of American shoppers base their purchase decisions on product packaging, figuring out the right packaging design can help your business get ahead.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right kind of packaging for your product. Physical aspects include the type, its size, material, and other features that keep it safe and intact when shipping, handling, and even being displayed.

Design aspects include the type of printing to be used, target market preferences, your brand’s image, and other visual designs, as well as relevant information about the product itself. Careful research and experimentation are needed to create packaging that is both functional and eye-catching.

Learn more about what it takes to put together great packaging from the product packaging guide below.


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