Proper Tattoo Aftercare: How To Make Your Tattoo Look Good Forever!

Tattoos not properly cared for by their owners will look far worse than those that got proper aftercare. Uncared-for tattoos are prone to infection, blank patches (due to ink getting pulled out from the dermis), and they tend to fade much faster than normal. That said, what IS tattoo aftercare? Well, this is what this infographic aims to answer.

You see, there’s tons of conflicting information out there on how you should take care of your tattoo, especially during the initial healing stages. With this infographic, we aim to educate and inform newbies about the tried-and-tested ways of proper aftercare. We’ve covered everything you need to do from day 1 up to day 30 (this is when most tattoos usually heal).

During the first few days, it’s important to keep your still-tender tattoo clean and dry. And when it starts scabbing and peeling, don’t pick and pull. Instead, leave it alone and wait for it to fall off naturally. By the end of the fourth week, your tattoo will be ready to face the world!


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