RCS Technology

RCS offers an all-new option for companies to stay in touch with their customers where it matters the most: on their Smartphones. RCS combines the trust and speed of SMS with upgraded features that make messengers and apps so comfortable. It providing the flexibility to write longer messages as well as to send video and audio messages, or a fun sticker, enabling richer, personalized, and brand-attractive environment.

Businesses can struggle with finding use cases for relatively new technology and by the time they do find a use case, that technology has already been integrated into their competitor’s platform and they’ve lost market share. RCS technology is still new and only some of the top businesses have been able to use it (through Google’s Early Access program) but it’s expected to be available worldwide in 2020.

RCS Use Cases

Infographic Source: https://masterofcode.com/blog/6-ways-rcs-is-being-used-by-top-businesses-in-2020

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