Re-Examining Retail

Check out this infographic by FM Outsource which explores the future of retail in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and how consumer expectations have shifted in the last year. It also shares an insight to the challenges 2021 could have in store for the retail industry and how consumers are adapting to online shopping more than ever.

The infographic shows results from an in-depth analysis of retail, involving a survey of 300 consumers. The questions focused on their use of online shopping and how they feel about online customer service. Including specific data on who exclusively shops online, the importance of good customer experience and the different contact methods expected by consumers.

Another part of the infographic shares respondents’ views on which contact channels they preferred and their attitude towards online tools. We also asked them about the response times they expect and how they like to engage with retailers. These statistics provide brands a useful opportunity to discover the needs of their customers and be able to deliver a more positive online customer experience.


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