Real-Time AI Insurance Verification

AI represents the future of a lot of industries in today’s world. It’s not too surprising to hear then that something as simple as insurance is one of those industries. Or more specifically, insurance verification is one mechanism that is in the process of being automated. Currently most insurance is done manually, be that online, on paper, or through someone else.

AI verification instead works by instantly taking in and sending the information on any insurance card via insurance card scan. This allows for instant claims to be made, ensures no human error is made, and is generally safer. For the consumer and provider alike this will save countless amounts of money and time.

While currently still not perfect, AI verification holds one distinct advantage over manual verification. Humans are always bound to make errors, but AI will always be improving. Meaning that even if the manual process is close in efficiency to start, the gap can only grow and grow. This is just yet another benefit of real-time AI insurance verification.

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