Redefining Consumer Experiences Post-Lockdown

Here’s an infographic from ID Agency’s latest analysis on Redefining Consumer Experiences Post-Lockdown. It explores the future of brand experiences for 2021 and what consumer expectations will be like this summer.

The infographic features key details from our survey of over 340 UK consumers who shared their insights on how they’d like to re-engage with brands. It involved questions about the types of brand events they’d like to try and how far they’d be happy to travel.

As well as how they feel towards attending new brand experiences and what sectors would they be most attracted to. It also discovers how many respondents have booked or are already planning to attend an event this summer.

The infographic also focuses on the value of real experiences compared to digital experiences. We found out which method respondents would choose and why outdoor brand activations are more appealing.

We hope this data gives brands a better understanding of their audiences’ needs so they can prepare a successful summer campaign.

Redefining Consumer Experiences Post-Lockdown

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