Rotary Air Compressor Parts and How They Work

From all the air compressor types present in the market, perhaps none is more widely known than the rotary air compressor. Compared to others, it uses a rotary-type positive displacement mechanism to fulfill its tasks. Just like every piece of machinery, it requires proper maintenance and high-quality parts to function properly and efficiently. But no matter how well your maintenance system is or how durable your parts may be, you can never really eliminate the possibility that your air compressor may break down.

The most common causes of malfunction of rotary air compressors occur with its parts giving out due to wear and tear over time and poor maintenance. In order to fix the error that may occur in your compressor, you must be familiar with the different parts of an air compressor. It is important to know where they go and what they are for in order to properly determine if they need replacing.

Check out the infographic below to find out the different components of an air compressor and its functions.

Rotary Air Compressor Parts and How They Work

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