The Self-Sovereign Worker

A growing interest in self-sovereignty is driving the advancement of Web3 technologies. With more people accepting Web3 technologies, these digital changes are affecting work as well, from the increase in digital roles that are in demand to the growth in people who want to be self-employed.

Independent work has shown to generate more revenue compared to salary workers, causing more people to desire self-employment. In fact, Web3 has led more people to desire more flexibility in how they work. 57% of workers had flexible schedules in 2019 while 15.5 million people were digital nomads in 2021. 50% of permanent workers are getting health insurance from their employers or unions as well.

As more global leaders think positively of the future of Web3 work, people around the world are looking to embrace self-sovereignty by being self-employed or independent workers.

Self-Sovereign Worker

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