What The Semiconductor Chip Shortage Means For Electronic Manufacturing

Semiconductors didn’t become part of our everyday use overnight. It may seem rapid, but over decades there has been a long line of innovations, development, and manufacturing to try and keep pace with both business and consumer demand.

While there are many electronic designers out there, the global supply chain for the creation of these chips is very small. The companies that manufacture semiconductor chips are called foundries. There is a multi-step process to create each and every single chip. If even one step is misaligned, the chip is no good.

Given the complicated nature of these chips, it can be easy to see how even a small blimp in the supply chain can have a lasting impact. The demand for more sophisticated technology and global pandemic stoppages have contributed to our current semiconductor chip shortage.

Learn the ways that electronic manufacturers are navigating the current global shortage and how they are combating the rise of electronic counterfeit parts.

What the Semiconductor Chip

Production Plant Fires Semiconductor Chip
Infographic Source: https://blog.levisonenterprises.com/semiconductor-chip-shortage-electronic-manufacturing-infographic

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