Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Can you imagine a future-oriented city? Do you see places interconnected with each other via integrated transport systems? Can you also see high tech facilities that control energy flow and create the so-called green buildings? Well, the future is here now. See the infographic. Today, weve started to build cities that are safer, more energy efficient, environment-friendly and good for the economy. Weve used various technologies and innovations to come up with what we call a “smart city”. Its the right solution to global problems of waste disposal, over consumption of nonrenewable energy sources, peace and security issues and water shortage.

We’ve carefully thought of how to turn around all these challenges. We needed to find a balance between the environment and all other factors. The solution must be sustainable enough to support human life and nature. Managing our resources has been a painful lesson learned. The inevitable effects of overlooking the environmental consequences from the industrialisation period are here. We experience extreme weather changes that cause droughts, floods, wildfires and superstorms. What can happen to human life seemed to be out of our control. Not anymore. Weve decided to take bold actions. Weve built smart cities that pioneer the applications of technologies to sustain a responsible resource and economic management. As you can see from the infographic, six countries have started. Six more are preparing to adopt these innovations. Behold, were now living our future.


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