Software Development Outsourcing and Its Types

Software development became an important part of the modern world. Many IT companies aim to produce their software in the most effective way what means cost reduction as well. But how to do it if the developer’s salaries in the domestic job market may be too high? Or the necessary skills are absent? Here software development outsourcing takes its role.

IT Outsourcing now brings new possibilities to the companies what is represented in the infographic below. This infographic was created by Mobilunty company for a better understanding of the essence of IT outsourcing, its main reasons, pros, cons, and the main types.

Infographic also shows the last trends in this industry what can help to understand better the importance of the role of IT outsourcing. Mobilunity is a Ukrainian provider of dedicated development teams and R&D centers. Software development outsourcing is its main specialization. To know more about outsourcing and nearshoring you may read this article.

Software Development Outsourcing and Its Types

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