Statistics on Wearables For Better Understand What the Future Holds

With more than 850 million estimated wearable devices in use currently, there’s no question regarding the viability and usability of these high-tech fascinations. Users rely on them for a range of needs that can include heart rate monitoring, sleep cycle monitoring, steps, workouts, meditation, food intake and so much more.

From smartwatches to smart rings, wearables are the newest generation of tech, and they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Current statistics on wearable devices find that the market for wearable devices is worth more than $150 billion, with a staggering 40% increase in adoption rates over the past five years alone.

This year, revenue intake for makers of wearables is set to increase by more than 20% due to increasing demand. Have a look at this infographic Modo Bio created on statistics on wearables. It will give you some key insights into this burgeoning industry and is loaded with facts that are highly relevant.


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