Stir Your Life With Exciting Trekking Experiences

If you love to trek then you should spare time for it. You cannot satisfy your trekking desires by thinking only.You have to step out and make an effort towards exciting trekking trails. If you are giving yourself an excuse that you live in Bangalore and there are no mountains and hills so no scope of trekking then you is mistaken.

Exactly, how can you say this when you haven’t explored the environs of Bangalore? Trekking near Bangalore is 100 % possible. There are many easy, medium and difficult level of treks scattered around your city. You can either explore the different treks yourself or you can also become a part of a trekking event or group for having a great trekking experience.


Savandurga Hill

Savandurga hill has been believed to be amidst the largest monolith hills in Asia. It is one of the relished trekking spots around Bangalore. Savandurga houses two hills, the Billigudda and Karigudda. These both serve as base for all the tourists and trekkers who come to visit the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple and Narasimha Swamy temple mapped at base of the hills.

Savandurga was a famous place during the eras of Hoysala rule. This hill fort on top of hill was made in the year 1543 by Samanta Raya. Trekking in Savandurga is an extremely famous activity. Here, there are specifically two trekking trails that run upwards to Savanadurga.One is Karigudda and the other is Billigudda trail. Just climb along the Biligudda and it passes through ruined fort formed by Kempe Gowda.The climb up to fort tower proves to be an inspiring trek. For the dreamers of adventure, Karigudda is surely a satisfying trek. At this spot, night trekking and sunrise is the most treasured activity.The most amazing thing is that the trek is at just 48 Kms from Bangalore.


Speaking of Ramanagara, it is a famous town in Karnataka. The place is a base for a few of great short trekking trails in state. The district is surrounded by seven royal hills Somagiri, Yatirajagiri, Shivaramagiri, Revana Siddeshwara hill, Jala Siddeshwara hill, Krishnagiriand also Sidilakallu hill.Ramanagara is amongst the most celebrated trekking destinations around Bangalore.

Once you are there, you can engage in the inspiring and satisfying sport of Rock Climbing.You can also enjoy two types of rock climbing here that are Bouldering and Pitch Climbing.Theamazing spot of adventures and trekking is at a distance of just fifty five kilometres from Bangalore. The sites and landscapeshere are absolutely heart winning.


Thus, the point is that these were just two amazing trekking destinations around Bangalore. There are many other spots too that are ready to give you treasured trekking moments. Just find out different spots and pack your bags for a quick trekking trail experience. If you hesitate to make arrangements then you can also enrol yourself in a group of trekkers. This way, you can relish a trekking trip though the arrangements will be made by the professionals.

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