The Phone Repair Economy

Phone Repair Economy

It’s time to stop just replacing our smartphones the very moment they start to crack slightly from yet another drop on the floor. You’d be better off – and might be surprised to know – that there is most likely a repair center near you that can make quick work …

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Installing 2nd WhatsApp on Your Phone – Why It’s Useful?


Mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp are currently popular among the younger generations like the millennials and Generation Z, and this popularity is also reflected in the workplace. Many companies and various industries are already shifting to allowing their workforce to use such messaging apps to improve their operations. Allowing the …

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Choose a Combo Pack for your Phone TV and Internet Need


Useful combo packs Combining the internet bundles with the phone packs helps you save money and effort. Not only do you get a discount from the service providers, you get to choose a pack that allows you maximum freedom. The service providers make a profit because you choose more than …

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