Installing 2nd WhatsApp on Your Phone – Why It’s Useful?

Mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp are currently popular among the younger generations like the millennials and Generation Z, and this popularity is also reflected in the workplace. Many companies and various industries are already shifting to allowing their workforce to use such messaging apps to improve their operations.

Allowing the use of WhatsApp in the workplace is only the first step since companies must still ensure that their employees will be able to use the app without compromising their privacy. Companies must consider having a second WhatsApp installed on their employees’ phones for business purposes.

Having a second WhatsApp allows users to have another WhatsApp account that they can use for their work. A second account can ensure improved security and work efficiency in the workplace, allow for data usage tracking, and result in complying with regulatory standards.

Letting employees use a second WhatsApp account for business purposes is beneficial for companies for many reasons, especially if the app can also archive messages as a result. For more information, see this infographic by TeleMessage.


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