What’s Next: Reinforcing Your Learning Easily After Training


We all learn things a little differently—some learn by watching visuals, others learn by doing and moving. This makes creating educational materials hard because a format may be effective for one person but confusing for another. On the other hand, this diversity in how people learn can be viewed as …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Sales Training Fails


Salespeople are the face of every company, that is why it is extremely necessary for every company to invest in sales training. It helps employees identify their weaknesses and errors so that they would know what they need to improve and correct the next time around. As a result, far …

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Treat and Trick: How to Teach Your Cat


When you start teaching your cat, don’t expect miracles. But definitely expect a lot of fun time with your little friend. Make it fun for both of you! This way the least you get at the end of the day is a bunch of positive emotions and lots of purrs. …

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