The Demand for DevOps

At present, mobile DevOps are incredibly in-demand given the current technological landscape. Furthermore, this trend is anticipated to further steepen, making current DevOps even more valuable. The reason driving this increasing demand is the commercial expansion into the mobile development space. As the practice of each company having their own mobile app becomes more commonplace, there needs to be mobile DevOps who will support them. This trend only intensifies with the younger generations, as nearly 55% of Millennial-owned businesses have at least one application.

However, to support the rapid pace of producing more and more applications, mobile DevOps must focus on efficiency and efficacy. Applications like BitRise help to empower DevOps engineers to not only reduce the time building a new update, but also the time deploying and testing it. Furthermore, the multi-platform nature of these applications ensures that these benefits can be realized across all aspects of developing, showing just how much merit they can hold.

Demand for DevOps
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