The Evolution of Mac OS Versions

Did you know that there are 15 Mac OS versions? If you are a Mac user, this information should be very useful for you. We all want to feel comfortable about using technologies. Here is where we can actually choose what to use. Each Mac OS version is unique and has a bunch of special features.

The first Mac OS versions were released in 2001. These were: Cheetah OS X 10.0 with new UI born and Puma OS X 10.1 with the focus on the performance and improved file management to CD and DVD burning.

The latest Mac OS versions are: High Sierra OS X 10.13 released in 2017 and Mojave macOS 10.14 released in 2018.

High Sierra OS X 10.13 embraces Apple File System and a new video standard, HEVC.

Mojave macOS 10.14 is featured with visual refinements introduced via Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop and the migration of new apps from iOS include Stocks, News, Home, and Voice Memos.

Other Mac OS versions are no less brilliant and worth trying.

Choose what’s best for you and have fun using it!


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