The Nursing Universe Explained

Because of demographics changes (the fast pacing aging of the population) and technology developing allowing people to live longer, healthcare sector is set to grow in the coming years by 25%, And employment is projected to grow at the same pace between 2012- 2002.

The demand for nurses and care takers is out pacing the number of registered nurses across The US, meaning there are not enough nurses to fill in the jobs. It is estimated that we will lack 29%, or more than 434,000 nurses by 2020.

The following infographic presents the different jobs in the nursing field, the process of who to get certified, where they can work at, the daily job duties, average wage,employment trends and also gives a comparison between the different certifications.

The nursing jobs presented are : Certified nursing assistant (CNA), Home health aid (HHH), Personal car aid (PCA), Licensed practical nurse (LPN) and Registered nurse (LN).


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