The Power of New Windows

The value of a quality window is far greater than many think. In fact, installing new vinyl windows could add as much as $12,000 to a home’s selling price. New windows are valuable to not only the home and the user themselves, but also in terms of energy efficiency.

Some of the most desirable home features for modern buyers are Energy Star windows. Nearly 90% say that Energy Star windows are essential. The best part? Energy efficient windows cost less than other household renovations or appliances like water heaters or dishwashers. In addition, a whopping 43% of a home utility bill goes to heating and cooling, which quality windows have the ability to reduce.

Across the entire United States, regardless of the region or climate, double and triple pane windows in a home will save that homeowner money. The planet will thank us for this design decision as well. When replacing double-pane, clear glass windows, one can save 246-2,001 pounds of CO2 per year, and the equivalent of 12 gallons of gasoline per year.

Bottom line: The more windows in a home, the greater the energy efficiency. With properly installed windows, home value increases, tax credits increase, and UV protection skyrockets. Everyone wants to reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing their energy bill, and windows are the key to success.

why windows are more valuable than you think

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