Throwing up bile: Causes, Treatments and Preventions

What is the bile? Bile, which is made in your liver, will be thrown up like greenish-yellow material. Do you know about causes, treatment options, and preventions of throwing up bile?

Causes of throwing up bile

There are many reasons that can make you throw up bile. In common, it can be because of a blockage in your intestines, food poisoning, bingedriking.etc. In case of vomiting many times, a problem might occur. One worrying cause can be bile reflux that you are able to have when completing a gastric surgery. It occurs whenever bile goes from your liver to your stomach and esophagus.

Treatment options

Choosing treatment option depends on the cause of throwing up bile. Supposing that you have been binge drinking or food poisoning, you can need get electrolytes and intravenous fluids. You may start with one of some medications in case you have bile reflux: Ursodeoxycholic acid, Bile acid sequestrants .etc
If your problem cannot be controlled by normal medications, you are able to suffer a surgery.


There are some common preventions for throwing up bile.

  • Drink more water
    When throwing up bile, your body is often dehydrated. So, providing enough water is necessary. Also, water can not only eliminate harmful bacteria but also improve the immune system.
  • Avoid alcohol
    There is no doubt that alcohol has a bad effect on the digestive system, even do harm to the stomach. Also, it is the main reason that causes throwing up bile. So do not drink too much.
  • Food
    Besides preventing risks causing throwing up bile, eating healthy can help you keep away from this tiring symptom.

Throwing up bile can be a normal situation, but sometimes it can be a sign of a dangerous disease. So, pay attention!


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