Top Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Water Out Of Your Ears

This is, indeed a very common thing that happened almost every time when you take a bath or go swimming. Once water gets into your ears, you might find annoying and tickling sensation, which makes it really hard to hear what other say. AS simple as it is, if you leaf water within your ears for too long, there might be a chance that you can get ear hurt and Acute otitis is inevitable. In such cases, pain, redness and inflammation can also happen for bacterial and fungal have time to reside within your ears.

However, worry none since getting water out of your ear is a piece of cake if you get to know these following tips. They won’t get hurt nor causing any side effect if you are a little skillful.

There are several simple tips you should apply at home if you want to get rid of water within your ears.

1.    Pull Earlobe and Tilt Head

This trick sounds just that simple and if you try, it works wonderfully. This is also what people would think of when they are having water within their earlobe. However, if you are not doing it right, it might just not work. To do it right, you should follow these steps:

●    Stand Still then pulling down your earlobe.
●    Tilt your head toward your shoulders.
●    Doing this for few minutes.
●    Repeat this action every single minutes until water has completely drained out of your ears.
●    You should do this with the side that has water in it.
●    After that you can use cotton pad and ear pick to cleanse your ears.

2. Chew and Blow

Another good trick you can apply is trying to chew and blow. These action makes your body to move follow the motion that can ease tension within your ear tubes and then release the air pressure.

Also, this movement is also a good way that help releasing fluid and bacteria buildup within your ear, which make it easier to hear everything.

Alternatively, you can totally try out Valsalva maneuver. In order to apply this, you can take deep breath in, keeping your mouth closed with pinching your nostrils. The tip while doing to is to use your fingers to pinch nostrils. The next step is to slowly exhale until you hear the popping sound, that is the point that water gets out of your ears and your earlobes are opened.

3. Use Blow Dryer

If those ways cannot work out, you know what’s next. You could just make use of other tool called blow dryer. This would usefully help you to remove all water out of your ears without tilting or pulling. It is the pressure from the blow dryer will eventually pull out all water from your ear.

It could just not get water out by absorbing them, it could help draw out the vapor. Here is the best way you could make use of blow dryer to remove water from your ears. You should remember setting the lowest heat and start holding it within your body. The safest distance is one 1foot away from your head and you can keep doing so for around 30 secs.

4. Heat compress

Heat compress is a another effective helps to remove water out of your ears. Many people have gone for this tip and it works just well. It helps open up your Eustachian tubes, which is perfect in absorbing all excess water from your ear.

The tip of using heat compress isn’t difficult as you need to dip a washcloth in the bowl a hot water then removing all excess water. Have the cloth dabbed all over your face and keeping it at least for 30 secs. Try to apply to the side that has water within your ears. You can just wait for few secs until it cool down then repeat for several times. After that, you lie down relaxingly on your chair to the side that has water and wait for it to drain out.

5. Steam

This might sound impossible, however, if you ever try, it will work just well as other way mentioned above. Using steam also has something to do with making use of heat compress. This trick, in fact, can considerably open up the Eustachian tubes within your ears and then it free water out of your ears. This could get rid of water naturally without causing side effect or hurt. If you want to get the best result, you could add few drops of these into your bowl of water.

Here is how to apply:

●    Boil one bowl of water, adding few drops of essential oil.
●    Have your head covered with the towel then slowly inhale and exhale.
●    Keep doing it gently for few minutes.

You should remember using soft towel to absorb excess water from the ears after it gets out of your ears. Alternatively, ear pick is also a good choice.

This trick is also helpful when you use to steam your face to unclog the pores. It helps treating other skin problems such as redness, dead skin cells buildup and acne as well.


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