Top 25 Global Real Estate Markets in 2020

International real estate is a more important investment than ever before.

In these times of economic turmoil and uncertainty, investors are in dire need of assets that will give them stability, yield, and diversification.

Owning property abroad achieves just that!

With international real estate, you’re getting the higher growth potential and lower costs of emerging economies, while creating some unique opportunities for a more global lifestyle.

Yet, the asset class is notoriously difficult to navigate.

It all starts with figuring out which countries offer the strongest investment potential and best fit for you. That can be a daunting task given the vast universe of foreign markets out there, so the ‘Top 25 Global Real Estate Markets in 2020’ index aims to simplify that step.

Using a broad range of macro-indicators, it boils down a shortlist of the top real estate markets to help you narrow down some compelling opportunities for 2020.

Top 25 Global Real Estate Markets in 2020

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