Topmost Heritage places to explore in the city of Delhi

India is a secular state with plenty of tourist attractions, historical wonders, and it does not end here. When you talk about the capital city, Delhi it is way above the rest in terms of history and architecture. It has won the hearts of the people ever since 1911, it became the capital of the country.

There are some magnificent places to visit in New Delhi. Just you need to take some time off and explore the majestic wonders of the place. Be it adventure, historical or artistic, this place has plenty to offer.


Safdarjung tomb

In the midst of a beautiful garden, it is spread over an area of 300 square meters. For statesman Sardarjung, the tomb was formed in the year 1754. He was the first prime minister of the Mughal Empire. At the T junction of Lodi Road and the Aurobindo Marg, the tomb is located. It is the last monumental tomb of the Mughals, and it has 4 features. There is a large square garden surrounding the tomb by a wall which is around 920 feet on both sides.

The Lotus temple

As part of your Delhi day tour packages, located in the village of Bahapur, this architectural wonder is a must-see place. The temple is open to all, regardless of any religion or discrimination. It is inspired by the Lotus flower, and there are 27 petals (marble clad) which are arranged in clusters to form 9 sides. It is 40 meters tall and can accommodate 1300 people. Interestingly the architect of the temple is an Iranian, who lives in Canada and the structural design of the temple was undertaken by the UK firm.

The Kalkaji temple

It is a Hindu temple that is dedicated to goddess Kali? Situated in the southern part of the city, Kalkaji stands just opposite to the Nehru business center. The belief is that the image of Kali here is a self-manifested one and is one of the oldest temples in the country. Devotees can visit the temple at any time of the year, though the numbers tend to increase during the Navratri time. The atmosphere around the temple is great with lights all around.

Tughlaqabad Fort

In Delhi, it is a ruined fort that stretches well over 6 km. It is divided into parts. The first involves the wider area with spaces which are built along a rectangular grid in the midst of the gates. Then comes the citadel where the highest point is referred to as the Bijai Mandal, which is followed by the adjacent palace area that comprises the residences.

The most part of the city is not accessible due to thorny vegetation. A vast part of the city is occupied by modern settlements.

Tours in Delhi is not an easy proposition, and it is suggested that you get in touch with a tourism company of repute. They will chart a plan according to your schedule.  This way you can explore the tourist wonders in a hassle-free manner with the element of fun.

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