Travel Restrictions: Where Can I Travel?

Tourism relates to the business activities that bring together tourists and their destinations for a specific purpose. It refers to the industry that organizes travel and individuals or companies to transport people, goods, and facilities to particular destinations.

Modern tourism was born after the Second World War and the rise in mass tourism in the post-war period. Tourism has evolved into a large industry that offers various related activities, including promotion, advertising, and sales.

Young people love to travel, especially if they are looking to spend their summer vacations abroad and learn something new. Air travel has made it easier to tour the world from close quarters. The growth of tourist influx has been a critical driver for the development of many destinations. It is a vital factor in the popularity and development of certain tourist spots available around the world.

The sad thing is various governments imposed travel restrictions in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The justification behind this action was to stop what seemed like an inevitable outburst by the COVID-19 pestilence worldwide.

Thus, many people wonder where they can travel amid the flaring plague; what can a rapid antigen test, day 2 and 8 testing do in today’s scenario?

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