Types of STDs that Cause Dry Skin & Other STD Symptoms in Men and Women.

STDs are on the rise year-over-year. According to the latest reports, there were 1 out of every 5 individuals in the US has contracted an STD during the year 2018. In fact, women are more prone to get infected by an STD at a rate of 60% to 90% after unprotected sex. However, the rate of men getting affected by infected women stands at 20%. Nonetheless, it is vital to check for the early symptoms of STDs and take the necessary steps to avoid severe health complications. One of the STD symptoms that most people exhibit is dry skin.

Most of the time, the symptoms and signs are ignored as they seem to be a flu-like disease. If you are an avid player in bed having multiple intimacy partners, then dry skin symptom is not to be taken lightly. An STD when left untreated – can lead to infertility, HIV / AIDS, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), neurological problems, and other medical conditions.

The following infographic walks you through the symptoms of STDs, types of STDs that cause dry skin, and more.



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